More brakes??


What's a scrambler?
O.K. I blew a seal on my right front caliper. No big deal they cost $15. Well little did I know that scrambler brakes are different than CJ7's??? I thought that a CJ7 and a scrambler were the same from the doors forward? Advance auto shows different calipers on a scrambler than a 7 and in fact the ones they list for the scrambler will not fit my (81) scrambler. :eek: The CJ7 ones look like they will fit, only they have to be ordered and will not be in until Friday. :mad:

Any one got any input?


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be careful most of the parts hoses have the wrong calipers listed for the 8 for '81.
There apparently was a change over in caliper style from 81 to 82 and they have the scrambler using one caliper in 81 and the 7 using a different one then switch the type of caliper used in 82. From what i can find do not go by what is listed for the 8 for the particular years and go with what is listed for a 7.

oreilly, advance, and autozone had the wrong ones listed, figure they all use the same parts book