Motorcraft 2150


Scrambler Junkie
Ok my friends

Has any of you installed the motorcraft 2150 with an HEI Distro? and has it running successfully

I would much appreciate pictures and or diagrams of your set up...all of the vacuum lines info on the rpm and timing settings you ended up with

I installed it today and have it running but when I go driving there is no power on the top end

I set it at 9 at 700rpm and man that was low...the engine is not running smooth at all...I checked the firing order according to everything I can find it would be right...but the motor never smooths out...sitting in the garage I can rev the heck out of the engine but under load...that is another story

I removed the vacuum line from the distro before setting the timing and put it back afterwards...any help would be much appreciated
My set up was doing the same thing... turns out, it was the cannot go by the factory settings..i ll try to remember to look at what my settings were this evening and report back... also, I had emailed distributor salesman and he had this to say:

Let me ask you this. If your looking straight down at the cap of the HEI, where is tail of the cap (part where power/tach hookup is) compared to the vacuum advance. For the vacuum to perform properly it must be to the right of the lets say that the vacuum advance is 12oclock, the tail of the cap must be at 1oclock. This doesnt mean you have the distributor sitting wrong if the vacuum isnt at 12oclock...I was just using 12 as a reference point.

Let me know if that fixes the's a common problem.