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Mud Scrambler - Must be Red Dents are fine, some rust fine

red mistress

Red Jeep Collector
I need another Scrambler :crazy: But for MUD :headbang:

For keeping at duck slough and riding around swampy land.

It's gotta be Red or not interested whatsever.

Dents and some rust (not much) are preferred which will keep me from making too nice to truly enjoy. :angry:

Orginal paint & decals preferred, even if faded.

Going to build SBC400, auto, locked axles and run 38-40" Swampers.
LMK what U got .... or if find one LMK.

No super big hurry, looking for the right unfinished project or non-runner.

I got parts or reward money to return favor.

red mistress

Red Jeep Collector
I saw that flamed Red POS near the lake ... at old house several years ago.
Of course I stopped. It was repainted and had more auto zone than I could stomach.

Think I can do this :-)

But.... build is already getting out of hand !

Dreaming about cut LTB's, portals and 150 shot of NOS !

Going to find the "right" Red patina. Something like MySunshine had
or the one that Racin Rudy sold 82nd on eBay were Perfect !

Origional paint with some character, but not tooo much.
Need matching hardoors.


red mistress

Red Jeep Collector
Don't want to paint it, I for sure couldn't just stop at simple paint job.

Plus I really like patina of OEM machine.... even if it's going to be covered in mud and left out for rain to wash.

red mistress

Red Jeep Collector
Brent, the King of Craigslist :bow: found me a nice SR with clock & tach.

Already has 360, auto and rear D44.

It's sorta too nice, but I told 3 of my buddies to beat the crap out of me if I start polishing.

1984 model and I've got tons of Garnet that is tempting me :banghead:



Legacy Registered User
Thanks for the awesome '82 data book. It was a great finder's trade!

If anyone else is looking for anything... let me know, I love finder's fees. I got tired of craigslist search engines getting blocked and shut down, so I made my own. My craigslist "scraper" I designed and programmed crawls craigslist 24/7, I see every scrambler, cj7, cj5, AMC sign, vintage guitar, whitco top, and google nexus tablet:rotfl: across every craigslist region as they are posted :popcorn:

IIRC I found dennis's new scrambler the next day after he told me he was looking :)

red mistress

Red Jeep Collector
Yea this 84 is kinda too nice, but the LJ has been getting hunted in hard.
I do like the LJ's ride on buddies 3000 acres of land.... and this 84 may get linked & coilovers, it's already been hacked with shackle reversal.

The way I look at it, a Can-Am UTV is $22,000 and that doesn't include heater and U still get wet and muddy. I will be in this for half that but much better vehicle.

The Mud / Hunting Scrambler will be used, but will be well maintained... mechanically.
Mud doesn't hurt a old CJ near as bad as rocks, just requires frequent service.
I was going to let it sit out in rain, but buddy just sent down 4 telephone poles for carport/cook shed & he bought a CJ-7.
Going to put solar panel on roof of carport to keep battery charged & electronic mouse repellant inside Jeep.

Also this 84 has been modified already, so I don't feel bad. (part of plan actually)
The work the PO did looks good.

Auto floor shifter install looks great with easy function for forward / reverse when almost stuck.
Dash cut, so bluetooth radio for synchin tunes

Engine, note all the emissions (not that it matters) is still present.
Will rev it till 360 throws rod.

Bed faded but no rust & not dented, the rear box (bolted to seatbelt holes) will hunt after Rino lined inside & out.

Floorboards look nice topside & underneath.

I may replace the door applique, traded Jewel some NOS CJ-5 top hardware for decals, then found NOS applique for 82 Oriental.