My first vehicle! I still got it...

These are some pics of my first car when I was 16. Paid $2500 for it back in the year 2000. Yea I was a goofball and yes that was a monkey hat on my head. It was great for firewood. My dad and I would go in our pasture and cross some creeks and climb some hills to get to the fallen trees. She is all original with the 258. I still have it. It’s been sitting for years. I went overseas for a couple of years and when I got back I noticed a large hole in the frame above the spring shackle in the rear. I parked it due to the frame being in pretty bad condition. I was gonna fix it back then but never got the money cuz life happened. But I’m gonna restore it now. I’ll post a pic of where it’s been sitting the last 14 years when I get a chance.

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I’m sure it will take a bit to rebuild. I’ll get some current pics up soon. It is rusty!! Luckily I got my father that’s one of the best “body” guys around. I’m mainly posting this here to give me more accountability to get working on it. Couldn’t tell you how many hours I spend drooling over other people’s scramblers.? I’m sure I’ll be asking for some opinions and suggestions during this whole process. And hopefully I’ll get my brother excited to get both of his going! Yea he has two! Pretty jealous. Anyway, happy jeepin!
I just saw these in a catalog.
Not sure if they would work for you.
Supposed to be good quality, made in the USA.[0]=sm_field_brand:taxonomy_term:5239

I thought about using those and just patching the frame where it needs it but I figure I’m just gonna replace it. I’ll wait and find a good donor or just buy the TDK. I want to rebuild this and not have have regrets about not replacing the frame when it’s all torn down. Plus, finding a good place to weld on a rusty frame is like weird version of where’s Waldo..


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I was lucky and was pointed to a good frame nerby (few hours away) on craigslist at 4 am. Called the seller as soon as a decent hour came around. Made a deal and got it that weekend. Was looking at TDK as well as I was not optimistic about finding a good frame. I lucked out. There is a build of my frame swap on here if you want to check it out.

Nice Scrambler, and good luck with the rebuild.


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1st vehicles are sweet, especially when they were a Jeep.....mine was a '46 CJ-2A...still have it and use it regularly!


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Glad to see another "hold onto it forever" guy. Welcome and looking forward to seeing your work.

What part of MO are you in? My brother in law is in Ellington. Polarfire is up around Columbia.


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That's awesome that you kept it all these years. Guess your married to it now. Hope it gets back to into shape soon and remember, we like pictures.