My son’s trek cross country in his tj Seattle bound


I know it’s not our scram (probably wouldn’t make it), but he made it from NJ to Seattle with a trip through northern CA. The trans cooling lines blew out in western Ohio, which caused him to spend the night in a hotel while it got repaired. Spent 5 days outside Denver at my old army buddy’s house. Replaced the cam position sensor. Trans held up fine throughout the trip. Saw a lot of our beautiful country.

Now that he’s settled and going to school, his trans is slipping and throwing a code. Thinking his trans might need rebuilding from that fluid loss in Ohio. I don’t recall the code, but had to do with first gear position or pressure (trans are like garlic to my inner vampire. I stay away). Anyone in the Seattle area know a good trans shop? He’ll be there till Early July when he completes school. 4AD0B838-FB51-4031-8BCA-0637B1E956C4.jpeg. That’s him near the salt flats. Thanks and have a merry Christmas and a healthy and happy new year!