My wife bought me a Jeep!


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Hello all,

Tripped over the forum trying to search for repair info. My wife got me Little Red here in October for our anniversary and I’m now getting plans together and fixing all the “little things”. The history I believe was as follows: Decent restoration mid 2000s and sold/registered in Missouri, then sold again in Arkansas, and somehow I bought it from a dealer in Texas and had it shipped to Nevada.

Mostly stock 1982 w/258/T176/D300 w/a-c
Upgrades: wheels and tires, radio/dash speakers, seats, knock-off Weber carb, Clifford valve cover.

Issues as delivered: those “little problems”... Bad paint prep on rear bed side and driver side tub. Rust seems to have been neutralized and then painted, still bubbly. Head/dash/parking/tail lights and radio wired badly. The radio installer used the hot in the fuse block for parking lights and jumpers them back through the fog light connector. When you hit the high beams, all dash/parking/tail went out. A couple lights burned out in speedometer, temp indicator not hooked up, multiple rogue hots and grounds exposed throughout dash wiring. All heater box cables broken and heater core bypassed because it leaks. Water lines on intake leaked due to sealant not being used on threads. A PCV in both valve cover ports, masking a low compression problem and fouling spark plugs. When plumbed correctly engine pukes oil into air cleaner. Broken pump off wiper reservoir, but the pump was put inside tank so I still have fittings. The best so far is: no seal under the bulkhead, so melting snow, held in the bed by the brand new tailgate weatherstripping, pours into the floor boards when you hit the brakes... So a few odds and ends...

Last weekend I was behind the dash and got all the wiring and lights sorted, cleaned up, soildered, etc. No fires, shorts, or laziness. Added a 12v power supply to the new plastic glove box, a tach on the steering column, and courtesy lights under the dash.
Painted, rebuilt, re-sealed heater box and installed a new aluminum heater core. It is pretty light weight and has mixed reviews, any advice would be appreciated. Repairing the old one isn’t an option, too far gone. I got the Blazer heater blower motor too. So this weekend I’m going to cut the fire wall for clearance and put the heater assembly back in.
Put on a Weber 34/36 carb and have jetted it for the higher altitude where I live, runs good but low compression kills top end.
For now, installed an air/oil separator to ach as the rear 258 breather inlet and have a place besides a combustion chamber for oil to flow. Drove it about 30 miles and collected minimal oil.
i found an old Warn 8274 that I’m going to rebuild and put on the front.

Current plans include engine work from rebuild of current through 4.7 stroker and 6=8 dual Weber 38s on the Clifford intake. Cleaning up body work in a couple of places, probably a full exterior paint job. Spare tire mount, location still pending. Era correct fog lights either chrome KC’s with retro covers or a set of Merchal 850s from the CJ Laredo package.

Future plans include the rest of the drive train if I go with the stronger engine: AX-15 to D300 to narrowed Dana 44 rear and power disc brakes all 4 corners. I’d like a selectable locker in the rear and a center console that holds a better speaker.

Pumped to be in a CJ8 specific area, but I’ve got a few other Jeeps as well if you need help or have questions.
1945 MB
1947 CJ2A
1953 M38A1
1954 M170
1959 CJ-5
1978 J10
1982 CJ8
1987 YJ
1995 YJ
2012 JK

I haven’t sorted how to attach pictures yet, but when I do I’ll get some in.


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Welcome, nice looking Scrambler. I'm sure alot of us would like to see pictures if tour ither Jeeps also, basket case or not.


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New tires and KC lights.

Found correct switch, made factory 4 pin relay harness, used factory harness through firewall, cut “stock” style (on Laredo) brackets, and found NOS soft covers.



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Awesome looking Scrambler. we need more pictures though, horizontal though, my neck hurts. Pictures with mountains in background are always welcome. More please................ :bacon: