Need a mechanic/fabricator to perform some restore work


Scrambled for Life
Fairfax Station
I have never had anyone touch my jeep but me. Unfortunately, I just don't have the time to get the things I want done completed. So I am looking for someone, preferably within a 250 mile radius.

Here is what I want done...please hit me up with a PM if you do this type of work or send me any recommendations for people that can do it.

1. Full custom roll cage. want it from scratch so my family is safe in the back.
2. GM blower upgrade, heater core, 195 degree thermostat
3. Curt Mfg 400 TW rear hitch...purchase and install
4. Replace the external hard door handles and repair the mechanisms for locking
5. Make/install a heat shield so that my floor can no longer scramble an egg

Let me know if you can help.