Neil Armstrong


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I'm a young guy compared to some here. I'm 32. Born in 1979. 10 years late you might say.
I'd imagine many of you were alive in 1969 when Mr. Armstrong took that famous step and said those famous words.

Where were you? Tell the younger generations here about that feeling. Make you proud to be an American I'd imagine?

Something occurred to me last night that I don't know anybody else has pointed out:
His funeral is scheduled for this Friday. Interestingly, and I'd say appropriately, we will experience a "Blue Moon" that night. They are rare, just like the kind of man Neil Armstrong was...they only come once in a blue moon.

Rest in peace Mr. Armstrong and Godspeed!



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Well said! I too am too young to have experienced that event (born in '76) but my mom always recounts where she was on that day. She was on her high school trip to Europe and ducked inside a cafe in Paris to watch it on TV. Pretty cool memory of a historic event! On a side note, my grandpa always looked up to the NASA Astronauts and he had a large poster from National Geographic of all the austronauts that had gone to the moon framed and hanging in the stairway going to the basement. It was one of those items I always remember staring at as a kid and imagining myself on the moon with them. After my grandpa passed I got the picture and it now hangs in my stairway.

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I was in the 9th grade. I remember my mother talking about a woman she worked with. The woman believed the whole thing was a hoax. Her reasoning was summed up by her question "what did they do with all the cables?" (what cables?) " the phone cables so they could talk to the people on earth, wouldn't they get wrapped around the moon as they orbited?"


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I was a 20 year old in Viet Nam. This was a huge moment for us.
That's awesome Captian Jack, and I thank you for your service over there and elsewhere. I can only imagine that it was a huge moment for all American's serving on foreign soil, in terms of morale, prestige, etc.

The previous post about the hoax is pretty comical. I've heard that there are still those among us that don't believe it occurred, or that it was staged and filmed in a movie studio. LOL