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My name is jeff from SoCal and apparently I joined this forum in 2011 when I was looking for a scrambler however I ended up buying and building a 71 jeepster. i recently sold the jeepster to my buddy who helped me build it. He is building a 2nd jeepster with the same plan as mine just going with the jeepster platform. I really like the jeepster but cant shake the scrambler craving. I have been looking for one for sale and can not seem to find what I’m looking for and feel I can build it for close to a price comparable to the ones I’ve seen for sale so I will post my build here to keep track and hopefully be heckled as well.

before I start I will say I need a enough room for 3 people and about 3 days of supply’s and the scrambler fits the bill expect for the rear over hang Which I plan to address. I will mostly be rock crawling it, I have a new JIU for the other stuff.
so the plan Is to keep it simple.
LS engine
turbo 400 unless I find a deal with engine and trans
Atlas 3.8
new frame
new steel tub and yes I’ve looked into them and I know the replica is not perfect but with a crawler I’m not sure it’s a deal breaker.
3 seats
custom cage
42“ pit bull tires with headlocks
ford 60 high pinion ARB locker
ford 10.5 rear ended ARB locker
stretch wheel base to 114“to 116“
psc hydro assist
3 link front and 4 link the rear
king coilovers

Just writing this makes me question my sanity.

please feel free to bash my plan or make suggestion.


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Welcome back! :thumbsup:

I joined this forum in '04, and forgot about it. In '14 I finally bought a Scrambler, and I was shocked when I tried to sign up (again), and my username wasn't available! Big Walton helped me get it figured out, though.

Anyhow, I like your idea for the build. You've got a pretty specific mission, and a ground-up purpose-built rig will likely save you a lot of time, versus modifying/re-modifying an old one.

I look forward to watching your progress! :cheers:


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I see you're in CA. If you plan to register this for the road research how to smog the LS. It can be done but it takes the right moves.