New carb from O'Reilly's?


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I need to replace my Carter carb, it is about shot at this point and it is just easier to put on a new one. I replaced the original 258 engine in my '83 with a rebuilt 258 from an '85 CJ7. Both are/were stock. I had someone do the swap for me. The carbs from the two jeeps look different, one has the electric choke(I think that is what it's called, the white plastic piece that sits on top of the carb), the other does not. I don't remember which carb went with which engine originally.
So my questions: 1. Any reason not to just buy the new carb at O'Rielly's? It says it is from Walker, which may just be the distributer. 2. The parts store can only get the one with the white piece on top. I'd prefer to keep it as simple and straight forward as possible and not have it. I have a manual choke cable hooked up to it now.
This is just a run to town, summer date night or tailgating vehicle... no wheeling (I actually don't want to get it dirty. We get enough wheeling here on the farm, and not by choice). So I don't need high performance. Just keeping it close to original, reliable and simple.
Any advice?