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Hi everyone,
Been a long time Jeeper but never had any experience with the cj8. 1st Jeep was a 95’ YJ Rio Grande. Swapped to a 2006 TJ, ended up getting an 82’ CJ7, then because of Kids I’m now in a JK. Kids are old enough now that I want to jump back into the classics and pick up a scrambler sometime in the next year or so when I find the right one. I’ll probabbly end up throwing a full hard top on it and family style cage. Anyone know how much room is left for a dog if you install a bestop highback rear seat?

Anyway thanks everyone for the great forum lots of great info...glad I stumbled of the site.


Welcome! :cheers:

Pretty much everything you learned with your CJ7 will apply to the CJ8.

I've got mine set up as a pickup, so I can't answer your back seat question, but there are plenty here who can.

Have fun!


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Welcome. You are not to far from me so most local CJ8 that are lower priced will have rust. Not knowing your budget its tough to suggest ones. Are you looking for stock or modified? Under $10,000, $10-20,000, or over $20,000. Under 10k local you will have rust unless you get very lucky and respond fast to ads.

I had mine shipped in from Washington without laying eyes on it. It was listed on this forum. Some things were not as expected but it was rust free basically, completely compared to similar priced ones from this area.

There are a few nice ones listed on the forum here. The one linked above sounds very nice if its in your price range. I think shipping from Washington to just outside of Philly was $1300.

There is a yellow one on craigslist in the area, I talked to somebody who said it was horribly rusted and don't waste your time for the price. Several others under 5k on craigslist that need lots of rust repair, you would be better off money and time wise shipping one in than buying one of those because of how bad the frames and bodys appear in the ads. There is a nice looking fiberglass body one in my area that I believe I sold to the current owner years ago that had a great frame but almost beyond fixable body.
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If you bolt your rear seat in the stock location, you should end up with about 3 feet of cargo area between the seat and tailgate. Please don't quote me though because I don't have the scrambler in front of me.


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I have a normal fold and tumble in the stock location and had the pooch in the back with all kinds of room to spare. Even a larger dog would be fine I would think.

Welcome to the site and good luck in your search.