New to Florida!

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Hey guys, how's it going. So I'm not new to the forum, it has just been a long time. I was the only member in South Korea, but I'm now back in the states, just outside of Jax, Florida.

The Jeep...Well she is getting rough, but I've rebuilt or replaced almost everything on her back to original except for the lift and tub. It was too much to ship things to Korea, so modding her was out of the question. What I have done is rebuilt the 2.5, the T4, the axles, and new steering linkage, not to mention the new seats and top also. Now that I'm back though, I already have a Ford 302 (in pieces), and a T18, that I will hopefully be installing by winter. I'm in the market for the CUCV axles though, in due time. I will make a proper build thread for all of this.

I am in need of some help if anyone is in the area. The tub is at a (do I replace or repair) point IMO. As I don't know how to weld if anyone with more knowledge than me could help then I would like to learn and replace the panels needed. If not, then saving for the OMIX tub might be in the future.

Anywho, hello to all. From Sunny and Hot as hell, North Eastern Florida. :wave:
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