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While we're not going to spam your inbox with yet another email about handling this, it's become apparent that we needed to make it clear that we will not allow any threads on here about the coronavirus/Covid-19. While it's obviously a potentially huge issue that we're all facing, there are literally thousands of places where you can go to talk/read about it and we suggest finding one of those.

The sharing of potentially misleading/incorrect/biased/etc information on social media has been a big part of the panic that we're currently enduring and we won't add to that.

While we have an off-topic subforum, we have never allowed political or religious threads because there's simply too many other places to go for that and they WAY too often devolve into the kind of personal attacks that makes the rest of social media so horrible. This is not a "public forum" for free speech, it's a private system opened up to members for discussion of Scramblers. The terms of service you agreed to when you joined included agreeing that we had the right to delete any post/thread for any reason. This is not censorship, this is us maintaining the integrity of the site as per the original intention. Luckily, we rarely have to take any action like this but when we deem it necessary, we don't hesitate to do so. Any thread about coronavirus stuff will be deleted as soon as it's found.

So please consider this your coronavirus-free zone and, as always, Scramblers rule! :cheers:

Note: should you, an immediate family member or a member of this forum that you know is affected by this and you want to post to ask for thoughts and prayers, please feel free to do so (as folks often do for various reasons). Just don't put "coronavirus" in the title, that's simply not necessary. If that is done, we'll edit the title accordingly but leave the thread live.

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