Norwegian overlander build

Hi there I bougth this overlander in boxes, it was gutted badly. From a dreamer who want to make a iclandic monsterr truck out of it. Al brackets where cut off the frame. The fram was fully boxed for extra strength by using 1/2 inch plates 😰. So I strated removing al the boxing and got the frame back to its orginality.
Al the main parts from the drive train was gone but I had a rusted out Cj7 wich had lost its title due to rust. But here it was alot o goodies for the overlander. 😊

The cj had dana 44 front axle from a 1974 wagoneer wich was shortened to fit the CJ
Amc 20 in the rear with superior axles. Both axles has arb locker four ten gearing.

Here is the cj 8 fram with cj parts 😀

Engine vise the CJ7 had a 1995 lt1 with 4l60e from a impala ss.

But I will not use that engine in the overlander but a mercedes diesel engine code OM606.
With nag1 / 722. 6 mercedes-benz / jeep transmision mated to the dana 300.

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Vakker! Ser ut som et morsomt prosjekt! Min kones familie er fra Island og Norge , to generasjoner siden.

Red World Cab with Garnet interior... Nice color combo. Is it a Laredo package?
For those of you who are not familiar with the mercedes engine.

Here is som links from youtube where you can see it in action :-)


After extensive search I found out that european jeep WJ grandcherokee diesel 2001-2005 had mercedes automatic transmission with jeep bolt pattern to transfercase. So this gearbox should fit the om606 engine since the 2,7 crr in the jeep has same bolt pattern as the om606 block.

The tranny has not yet arrived from from the autodismantler but will be here soon so lets hope so :-)
My internet search around what to make, buy, not buy and bunch of other stuff. I came across, I will post.

As you probably has seen and heard of is that Chrysler/fiat is now using a transmission in man y of their cars called NAG1 580. This is basically a Mercedes transmission that they have been using for many years. Chrysler got hold of it when they wher called daimlerChrysler. This is a very good transmission and it is used in almost every Mercedes with a automatic. Al from C180 to 63 AMG cars.

Chrysler is putting this in Jeep, Challenger, Charger, and many other cars.

Here is a link for wiki

But to put this in other cars has been realy costful Stand alone kits for this transmisson has been in the 2000$ + for this and taht is way over bugdet for me.

but then I found this guy :-)

He sells wiring kit for this transmisson for 800 euros thats around 877$. and that I can live with.

He`s youtube channel.

And then it is Dieselmeken Goeran is a guy in Sweden who does magictricks with Diesel pumps. He changes elements in the pump so and adjust them so you can get almost every diesel engine to wake up an be like a race engine. :-)

he`s youtube channel

And he`s website

With some help from these guys I think I will get the Overlander to "fly " My plans is not to make a drift car or anything but to have a Jeep wich is sturdy, good to drive, good miles pr gallon. And can hauls *** When needed. :-)

The jeep will be used to explore, so then it will be made for that. It will have a roof rack, custom made drawers in the back onboard air system, winch in the front and back. And so on.

There is a bit lack of photos for the moment on this tread due to I am at work in the northsea for the next 14 days. But when I com home I will update this.


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I've heard things are tight for you guys offshore at the moment with oil prices the way they are. Cost cutting everywhere. Is this affecting you?


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:popcorn: This is awesome!

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