Not a Scrambler . . . not technically a Jeep, but a new pony in the barn


Picked this up today "for the kids" of course. My 8-year old is the size of a 10-year old, and can not even fit in his Jeep Hurricane anymore. After checking out karts for months, I knew this one model, and none else, what what I wanted. Here's why - 60% - it's a Jeep - no other thing you could call it. 15% has to have room for two (my 5 and 3 year olds want to ride in it too), and 25% I have to fit in it, but so do the kids - so adjustable seat.

KenBar JP-8E Dirt Dog Streaker. This was the ONLY kart I found that hit all of these. Of course, it has not been made in years, and was not a big seller - they are rare.

on Trailer.jpg Front.jpg

LED lights in the garage combined with my cell phone camera (Damn you Moto!) make it look pinkish, it is not. Plain old red.

5 hp Honda engine runs OK to good, but it will get tuned up and carb cleaned or rebuilt. Death wobble like you read about. At this point I think it has negative toe-in, and whatever the wheels use, bushings or bearings, are shot, as both front wheels wiggle a bit.


I have A LOT to learn about small motors, the Comet drive/transmission (loose belt, pullys that move & tighten, it's all Greek to me right now), and karts in general. stuff like "float" in the calipers - It's got dual rear discs, but one seems "looser" than the other - I have no idea if it is supposed to float a bit, or be rock-solid. Now I have to join the DIY Kart forums - more timesuck while at work - D'oh!

Anyway, gonna put her in the shed until spring, as my garage is not big enough with all three cars in it for the winter. I'll likely keep you posted with the progress come April or so.

Engine 2.jpg Engine.jpg inside.jpg


Holy crap! I had the exact same go cart growing up! My parents got it for me when I was in the first grade. I put so many hours on mine I went through two engines. Mine had electric start and my grandpa wired up some lights for me for late night driving on our trails. The front reflective lights were slightly different on mine and did not have any on the rear. Mine originally ran a Briggs and Stratton 5 how motor, had the optional pull start with the handle mounted through the passenger side rear of the body along with a large orange flag mounted on a long fiberglass rod. We still have it tucked away in one of our sheds. My dad is having it restored eventually for my daughter who is 9 almost old(got a few years to go). Yours is the only other one I have ever seen! I do know my dad found mine somewhere near High Point, NC and had it shipped back to KS. My "Dirt Dog" was definitely the starting point for my Jeep obsession! I will have to see if I can dig up any photos of mine. Awesome to see another one! Congrats on the find!

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Cooolio.... we don't have the opportunity to see to many Honda powered Jeeps around here :thumbsup: