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Official CJ-8.com Forum Lurker Intro Thread!


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Ok all you lurkers out there, it seems we've had a number of great posts and introductions from "lurkers" on here lately and it seems like it's time to try to draw more of these cool folks and great Scramblers out of the woodwork. :wave:

There's no reason to lurk on here, "the more the merrier" definitely applies, even if it's just to say "sweet rig" or throw out an idea. The cool part about forums like this is when people get to discussing things and sharing ideas/viewpoints/stories. You never know what could spark an idea for someone and help them get from :banghead: to :thumbsup:.

So come on out and post up--here, on your own introduction thread or just join in somewhere... :cheers:


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"you talkin' to ME?"....

Maybe you could clarify for those of us that are far less than computer savvy what exactlly a 'lurker" is? I'd hate to wake up and look in the mirrior and see I turned onto some swamp thing looking internet beasty...! Bad enough seeing the real-deal!!! :huh:


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You are most certainly not a lurker, no worries there man. :)

It's the "long time listener, first time caller", folks that come here to read and never, or rarely post up.

I just want more friends to play with (and more pictures of course :D)

FOR EXAMPLE: there's 35 views of this thread and three posts by two people. Cmon! Post away!!


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I don't remember if I ever actually officially introduced myself so here it is.

I live in Columbia, Missouri which is in the middle of the State and is home to the University of Missouri (Go Tigers!). I've lived here most of my life but I travel as much as possible. I've been all over the Western US (went to Easter Jeep Safari in '02, worked in Antartica for the Nat'l Science Foundation for a total of 2 years, traveled all over New Zealand and spent a breif time in Austraila, I will be headed to D.C. for the first time this next Monday with a group of WWII vets on an Honor Flight). Currently I work in the Fire/EMS world.

As for Jeeps, I've always loved them but my parents wouldn't let me get one when I turned 16 (they were afraid of me rolling it). I can remember sitting in the back seat of my parents car when I was about 7 and seeing a Jeep Scrambler with the wood side boards pull up next to us and I thought "I want one"! I bought my first Jeep in 2000, it was a 1998 Jeep TJ Sport, and I caught the modification bug bad. I bought all kinds of bolt-on stuff for it and learned how to work on the engine, suspension, and electrical by doing it myself. I then moved on to the harder stuff such as rebuilding axles, installing gears and lockers and so on. The second Jeep I owned was also a '98 TJ Sahara. It was totaled when I loaned it to my mom and she was hit head on by a drunk driver. She broke both of her ankles (he had no injuries). That was just over 2 years ago and she is still recovering. I just picked up my third Jeep, the '82 Scrambler, just south of Little Rock, AR that I found while searching craigslist (imagine that!).

Anyway, that's me in a nut shell. Glad to be here with so many knowlageable Scrambler guys. As this is my first leaf-sprung Jeep I'm learning all the time. The CJ's have always been my favorite Jeep!



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...worked in Antartica for the Nat'l Science Foundation for a total of 2 years...
COOL! No pun intended, if there were it would be ^$@#* COLD! :D

Thanks for the intro, that's just the kind of cool stuff we get to find out when people share stuff like this :cheers:


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my intro..

not much of a lurker, as i show up on here a bit, but my name is Cody, im from IL, own 3 jeeps myself, co-owner of my dads, married to the love of my life Sharissa, 2 kids, Bailee and Tristan, who are 3 and 1.dad got me into jeeps with his 91 YJ and taking me to the Two Rivers Jeep Club trail runs/ work weekends, now i cant stop buying the things... thanks dad :rolleyes: my 84 has a 350, t176, 300, 30/20, but the axles will be changed as soon as i can find a front 44. maybe even a bbc at some point.. lol. i am currently enlisted in the US Navy, and recently graduated basic training on Feb 12, 2010, and am now stationed in Pensacola, FL for my schooling, which is pretty hard.. CTR, signals collection and analysis. Doing alright in class as of right now, 5th out of 15. i am 20 years young, worked at McDonalds and Autozone before i enlisted, and was well known in town because of being the only cj8 before i left, heard from my wife there's a couple new local ones showing up here and there, not sure if theyre on here or not, but would like to meet them. enjoying the cj8, which should be coming down to FL to serve as my dd again, which makes several of my friends here on base jealous haha, where the commando is failing due to unknown causes.. and no time to work on it during the week. anyway, thats me in a nutshell.. and here's my rig if you havent seen it:

and the kids love it too!

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Hi there, new in the forum. Leaving being a biker,can't fit the family in the bike.
I'm in the process of buying a jeep I like the cj8.
Need info on placing a back seat.
Great forum.... Thanks.


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Welcome! (thought I replied to this yesterday :confused:)

There's an active thread on here about rear seat setups, take a look in the interior forum. Good luck finding a rig and enjoy the forum!


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Well, I picked up my scrambler from my best friend. We both served to gether, he in the Marines and I in the Army. We both ended up in the horne of africa for a while. I got out and moved to Jacksonville Nc to be with family. Alex was stationed at camp lejune and we ended up building jeeps and selling them to the locals. We both had scramblers. An for years we did this and never restored ours. We decided to restore his and 15 years and 5 deployments later bang! Im the owner of scram 1! Im now re-married, making a living as a mechanic at carmax here in Ashburn Va.



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I am an active duty Navy Chief Petty Officer with 22yrs of great service to our country. I am stationed at Tinker, AFB in Oklahoma City Yea I know there is no water there but we do have a Riverwalk downtown OKC Ha Ha. I fly on the Navy E-6B Tacamo platform have been doing this for 11 yrs now with over 5,000 flight hours http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TACAMO

I was born in Espanola New Mexico 30 miles north of Santa Fe and grew up in the mountains and with very unique cars thru out my life owned in no particular order:
Cars owned
1. 1968 VW bug
2. 1970 Roadrunner
3. 1970 challenger
4. 1970 charger
5. 1977 mercury cougar
6. 1987 suzuki samurai
7. 1991 ford escort GT
8. 1993 ford f150
9. 1970 ford f100
10. 1968 dodge d100 x2
11. 1964 ranchero
12. 1976 el camino
13. 1994 grand am
14. 1992 firebird
15. 1973 challenger
16. 1991 toronado
17. 2001 mustang bullitt
18. 2002 avalanche
19. 2007 HHR
20. 2007 HHR
21. 2000 honda civic
22. 1979 trans am
23. 1971 trans am 455 Lucerne blue
24. 1971 trans am 2nd one owned
25. 1977 dodge truck
26. 1963 1/2 S-55 marauder
27. 1985 mercury Capri mcclaren
28. 1985 mercury Capri mcclarens
29. 1986 Convertable Capri mcclaren
30. 2005 kia spectra5
31. 2003 boss f150
32. 1988 nissan desert runner
33. 1966 p1800 volvo
34. 1995 ford contour
35. 1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass S
36. 2007 Dodge Nitro
37. 2008 HHR SS
38. 1973 Datsun 620 lil hustler
39. 1984 Jeep Scrambler

As you can see I love cars all my buddies at work always ask me what new or old car will I have next I always tell them you never can tell.

I love all kinds of hobbies as well:

Gold dredging prospecting been doing this for about 16 yrs now
Metal Detecting been doing this sine the late 70's when my father got me started
Cowboy action shooting still going strong after almost 4 yrs now heading out to NM this month for the world championship at Edgewood N.M. http://www.sassnet.com Check it out
Was into Hodaka motorcycles still dable in them restored a Hodaka 1970 chrome tank Superat from the ground up.
Remote control airplanes
and just about anything else that might come along

Anyways I am glad to be a member of this great forum and enjoy the comradery you all show to new people such as myself.
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Do you actually have that list written out or are you doing that from memory?? I'm impressed as crap either way :eek: :drool:


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Do you actually have that list written out or are you doing that from memory?? I'm impressed as crap either way :eek: :drool:
I had to remember all the cars I have owned so they are from memory every now and then one will come up that I forgot about and have to add to the list I.E. the little 73 datsun 620 truck. As you can tell I am not partial to any brand just like unique type of vehicles.
I just joined here and I'm not a lurker, but here goes anyway.

My name's Josh. I'm from Urbana, IL. I owned an '03 TJ (bought new in late '02) that I totalled in summer '09, which I replaced with an '09 JK. Love the JK, but I still like the looks of the older Jeeps.

Why am I here? Cause I may have walked into an unfinished CJ-8 project for the low, low cost of $0, just some work done. It's an '81, was taken apart twelve years ago, put on jackstands, and that's where it's been for the past twelve years. Needs hubs and steering column installed to be a roller. The body rust was described as "pervasive" and I haven't seen the vehicle yet, so I'm still considering whether or not to take this project on. I already have a '67 Plymouth Valiant 2dr sitting in the garage, but if the CJ-8 isn't terrible it'll probably go together a lot faster than the Valiant will. So...Maybe I'll be picking up a CJ-8 soon. I'm gauging how hard parts are to find for it, or how much metal I'd have to fab to fix what's there...But I can't do that till I see it.

I'd probably fix the body and just drive it for now...Down the road maybe build a 4.7L straight six (4.0L block, .030" overbore, 4.2L crank) and swap in better axles/transmission/transfer case. The thing comes with a T-5 that's been dry for twelve years, but I'm guessing it'll be usable, too. We'll see.


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I am a brand new Scrambler owner. I just bought my 1982 CJ-8 this past month and I have already started working on it. It has an AMC 304 V8 with an Edlebrock intake and 600 cfm carb. I also have Edlebrock headers. It has a SM 465 transmission with a Dana 300 dual stick transfer case. I have a Dana 30 wide track front axle and Izuzu Dana 44 rear axle both with 4.10 gears. The leaf springs give me about 4" of lift, enough to run 35" Kelley Safari tires. It is a great starting point.

A little about me...I live in Aiken, SC and I am a civil engineer. I went to Georgia Tech in Atlanta and lived there for 15 years until moving to SC recently. I have wanted a Scrambler since I was 6 years old (that would have been in 1982). I am glad to find a forum to talk about my new toy and look forward to getting some good information on some future upgrades.