Oil closeouts at Walmart, Rotella T5 10W30 and DELO full syn 5W40


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For those of you who are bargain hunters like I am, here are some closeouts that wallyworld has at what appears to be most stores now.

To pull up what your local stores have, click the link, key in your zip code, and it will pull up stores in your area and what their computer says they have on hand. Sometimes the count is off due to theft, sometimes the stuff is in the back and not on the shelf, so you have to try to coax an employee to go look, but most of the time the stuff is there, and a lot of the time the individual stores haven't actually marked it as clearance, but when they scan it the lower price will show up.

Rotella T5 10W30, synthetic blend, 2.5 gallon jugs. $11 at most stores


DELO 400LE 5W40 FULL SYNTHETIC Diesel oil, 2.5 gal jugs, still at $13 at most stores.


I picked up 10 jugs of T5 and 4 jugs of DELO so I should be good on oil for a couple of years. All the Rotella was in the back still packed 2 jugs to a cardboard box.