Over head console?


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Any of you guys ever hear of an over head console that will mount inside the half hard top? I want to continue to use it, but I'm not too interested in installing a cage or other spreaders to the roll bar to mount the tuffy one.


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If you did this, wouldn't you have to keep the half hard top on all the time? I've often wondered about this myself and the only thing I could come up with is that you would have to get a cage in the cab.


What's a scrambler?
I was thinking of having the power wires disconnect with a trailer harness or some other type of plug. That way I could remove the top when ever I wanted.

Thanks for the links. However the first one must hook to the roll bar, so I can't have the top on. The second has no where for a stereo. I'll keep looking while I keep working on making my own.


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1crazy-jeeper said:

Thanks for the links. However the first one must hook to the roll bar.....
Duh! Oops, sorry about that, my bad! I guess I was thinking about that with a ''full length hardtop" perspective, didn't even stop to think about it not working with a 1/2 top.
console power connector

i know this is an older thread but i just saw it. southern rod parts sells a power connector for street rod doors that i am going to put on my 1/2 hardtop that might work for yours. it has a piece for the door and for the body that have anywhere from 2 - 5 electrical contacts. when the 2 pieces touch the power is connected. no wires between door and body. when the door is open (or the top is off) the power is disconnected. i am going to make a bracket out of sight - one side on the bulkhead corner behind the driver seat and one side on the top at the same area. could also be put on the top front next to the windshield if the wires could be run in the windshield frame?

anyhow, just my 2 cents.


What's a scrambler?
southern rod parts

That sounds pretty slick. I just got most of it hooked up today. It looks great but I havn't added any speakers yet so I don't know how it will sound. Most of the wires are hidden by the Tuffy box, so no problem. Thanks for the info.