Passengers shock Mount


CJ-8 Member Member
My "81" scrambler seems to have the longer shock mounts, but this isn't surprising as I'm not actually sure its an 81 because I can't find a VIN on it anywhere. In any event, my passengers shock mount looks bent compared to the drivers side. There is rust at the base - it needs to be replaced.

1) where in the name of all things holy do I find these??? I found a used rusty one on epay for $75 which I think is ridiculous. I heard throttledown used to make them, but I couldn't find them on the website.

2) My shocks are horrid. They are mounted "upside down" and I'm assuming there's some water and other various substances in there. even small bumps launch the thing off the road. The jeep doesn't have a lift, and I've considered one, but with the 1" body lift (no factor here, I know) I'm good with it. So I looked for some bilsteins, but can't find any online retailer that lists them as compatible with this jeep. Any suggestions for shocks?

Photos - first two of the "bent" mount, last one of the drivers side.

Thanks everyone!!