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Post-Silver Lakes - is Gear Oil Replacement Necessary?


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Hey guys, I had a great time at Silver Lakes and the highlight was meeting you all. I got back home, unloaded and slept and then got back in the drivers seat. I was on my way to auto-body class one evening and my driveshaft hit the pavement.

One of the strap bolts that holds it to the Dana 300 yolk had snapped and that was that. So I am in the process of fixing that and noticed my rear 1axle is leaking at each end. There is a dribble onto the tire as it's been sitting and when I am wiping the axle tube ends down around the nuts, the oil there is gritty with sand. So, I'm thinking they have been leaking since I put them back together the day before we left to get to Silver Lakes. Honestly, I'm not too pleased with the disk brake kit I have...I think the bracket is incorrect for my application so will either replace with drums, a new disk kit or swap in another axle.

So, it got me to thinking, do you all replace all of your fluids when you get home? Axle/gear oil, transfer case oil, engine oil? I've never been off road in my own vehicle before so I'm a big noob in this department.


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Mileage and water intrusions are the two reasons I change out the fluids. Other than that, if it is the recommended oil..I don't think about it.


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Anything wet will gather sand while you're in there, but the sand won't "get into" things unless you stuff a tire/axle into a dune or something odd or have some kind of issue. I would bet that your gear oil is just fine but those seals have been leaking and they just collected sand as you drove around. Do make sure your vent fittings and lines are connected and in good shape so that you don't have "openings" for sand to get into the tcase/trans/axles. Obviously best to do that beforehand as well.

Your air filter is key on the engine oil. It wasn't particularly windy up there for sandblast, but when the air gets full of sand, your air filter needs to be working well. I check it regularly to see if it needs cleaned (I run a K&N that I clean and oil).