Alaskan Postal
We might should move it over, then others could benefit from this sick fascination with Jeeps. Oh yeah, they already have it themselves.

Thanks for the info on the door strike.

I have noted that the doors have the square corner. I'm wondering if they will fit otherwise. One could possibly fashion a triangular metal piece to "plug the hole" and use the rounded doors. But, that makes the big assumption that angles for the top and rear sections of the door are the same. If they are I could buy the other top and have a metal shop fashion a piece to plug the hole. If not I would be screwed, and I would find out after the 3200 mile round trip (well actually in the middle of the trip when I went to put it on).

Now for more overseas Jeep stuff, check this out -

For a little history -

And some Jeep variants (I'd like a Marshall Deluxe Royale please) (or a Rakshak, because you just never know) (I'm not thinking they mean export to the US)

I believe I will post something over on the CJ-8 site and ask the question about the doors.....

Maybe I should post the above links for fun.