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What's a scrambler?
Ok. Guys here are the before and after shots of 'ol faithful. I'm still trying to come up with some sort of name for her. Let me know what you think.
I bought her from a guys barn 4 months ago. 304 conversion and supposedly 4 inches of lift.
I've added TJ flares, new clutch, new tires and wheels. Spare tire carrier complements of Texas Bill, paint, new hood and dash as the old one was cut up pretty badly. I hacked into the tail end and added the LED tail lights and I removed the god awful rear bumper.
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Looks great!

Any trouble installing the TJ flares (I think that is in the cards for me someday!)?

Are you planning to go off-road much? if so, you may need to think about getting that exhaust a little tighter to the body...otherwise you may hit a rock and then it will sound like you did a trailside v8 swap (voice of experience talking here)!;)

edit: just re-read and noticed you already have a v8...go ahead and rip your exhaust off now to get the full sound! :D :D

-Mike W
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What's a scrambler?
Thanks for the kind words. The color (after) is a dupont 1997 and newer Jeep TJ gold. I forget the exact name.
As for the TJ flares, that is the quickest and easiest way I've ever seen to deal with rust. The fronts were a little tricky but once you put the first one on you'll see they are no big deal. I used a cut off wheel to trim the fenders. A jig saw or sawzall would work too. Of course there is always the BFR if you want to add the flares when you are on the trail.

The exhaust needs to be redone. It dumbed out right under the cab when I got her home and nearly choked me to death. I ran it out back with some flexi-pipe. Funny how the local shops don't want to touch a jeep with no emission controls on it.
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Looks great....

I'm jealous as hell.....I plan on getting back on track with mine soon...I've got a lot of side jobs going right now, so I'm gonna start buying parts again.....I don't know when I'll have time to put them on, but at least I'll have them....

Looks great though.....



I hate rust and chrome
1crazy-jeeper said:
I'm still trying to come up with some sort of name for her. Let me know what you think.

'cause its gold, the V-8 has lots of balls, and "chicks dig wheelbase".

(Well, we've got to start somewhere with a name, hopefully this will get the ball rolling!)

Nice job on the restore, the gold paint looks nice, probabaly not another one out there your color either!


What's a scrambler?
probabaly not another one out there your color either!

Originality is what we strive for! I've seen too many bright yellow, lime green and budweiser red jeeps out there. No offense, I considered each one of these colors, but just kept running into them at every street corner.

I can attest that 'Chicks dig wheelbase'. My wife wanted me to bury this thing in the back yard when she first saw it. Now she wants to drive it.