question/input on modifacation on cj8 half top


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Helo I would like to modify my half top and would like some feed back and or ideas on either cutting a sun roof or making T tops like the old firebirds had back in the 60s/70s......My scrambler now has been modified a lot so I am not worried about changes,,,,,I havnt had the hard half top on for a couple of years and have just been using half steel doors and a reg strap style top mounted and pulled back over the roll bar ,,,, I have also made some sport bars padded that run between the factory roll bar and the windshield with padding and handholds which i like as it gives the old scrambler a much later feel and look,,,,,,I have also made running from the middle front of the windshield going back a roof mount that holds cb radios etc,,,,,,want I want to do is to use the half top to get the protection when i had the scrambler out in the rain when we are out with the motor home at camp grounds and still have that great feeling of the jeep with no or little overhead top,,,,,,,I am not bothered with any cutting and think if the top had both sides cut out up front( again talking about a T top ) and making some kind of metal plate that would act like a lip for the cut out panels to sit on with some rubber edge to seal when the panels were installed and maybe several threaded small studs mounted pointing down on the T tops that would hold the tops when they were in place with again some small nuts or threaded caps that would screw on,,,,, has any one thought about this and or tried it,,,,,,,,may I am missing something but I think this could be done.......attached are a couple of photos of my scrambler now thanks


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I remember a while back seeing a plexi top for CJ's. Can't remember where, however. I will say this- there is probably no way to keep T-Tops from leaking. I had a couple of 70's cars with t-tops...always a puddle on the seat. Even the newer 3 piece top on the JK's has leaking issues. I'd go with a sunroof.