Rear Bench

Root Moose

Fight Entropy!
I've been thinking about a few methods of making more room for rear passengers. The two across factory style bench is probably good enough in the short term but it would be great if we could get three across in the back - even if it is just for extra shoulder room.

First off, is there a three across rear bench that works well with the Scrambler tub? Something that will work with the existing inner wheel wells without sitting too high?

An idea is to hack out the rear bench area of my parts XJ so that I can add the three across bench from that Jeep. This would probably mean taking all the floor and inner fender sheet metal from the XJ as well and merging it with the CJ sheet metal. (purists unclench! my Jeep isn't numbers matching or even that great sheet metal condition :) )

Are there more straightforward options?