Rear Cargo Tie Down Plate / Fridge Slide


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I have been wanting a fridge slide for a while after ditching coolers and going to an arb fridge. I was against putting any more holes in the bed of the Scrambler so I made an aluminum plate that ties into the rear seat mounting bolts, 1 roll bar bolt on each side, and two bolts up the side by the tailgate. This should allow me to put whatever holes I want in the plate to tie stuff down etc. I built this back in April and still haven't got a chance to try it out off-road yet. It seems fairly secure and should serve its purpose.

I made a cardboard template then transferred that to 0.120" AL plate. Cut it out with a skill saw AL cutting blade and jig saw. Worked way better than I expected cutting it.


I don't have a brake, so I had to beat the wings around my bench side and some 2x4's with a dead blow and some heat. Pretty crude, but I made it work.



Under the aluminum I put 3" wide x 3/8" thick conveyor belting to space it from the tub. I am hoping this will work without drawing moisture etc. it helps keep the bolt and screw heads from rubbing against the tub.

I bought the DFG Offroad fridge slide. It was one of the lower cost ones I could find vs building it myself. It came with some screws I didn't use and the tie downs for the fridge. I think they are using cabinet drawer slides or maybe light duty tool box slides vs the heavy duty locking tool box ones that can support 200+lbs, but it should work. Most of those heavy duty slides run $150 for a pair, and then you have to get metal and build it. Short of it was this cost about the same as building it. It does have a lock so it will stay in the out position. I used 1.5" aluminum tubing to space the slide up to clear the tailgate. I set it as far to the passenger side as I could and clear the tailgate cable. I put nut serts into the plate, and the top part of the tube to thread in the mounting bolts. I did this vs tapping the holes.


I used nut serts to mount the SWAG action packer mount, you can see those in the picture above. I also added a bunch of footman loops to tie different Plano totes down. I have used the action packer up to this point, and it works, but it is kind of pain to latch and get into to get to tools. The nice thing is the action packer will hold quite a bit of stuff, and with the SWAG mount I can lock it up.


The other tote options, but I think they hold less. I should really down size the amount of stuff I carry such as tools and such. I need to pair it down to what I think I need.

You can't see it in the picture but to the right of the fridge where the roll bar comes down I added another set of footman loops to hold an ammo can. I plan to put a bottle jack in it with extensions. Like I said it has only been street tested so when things get twisted up my opinion may change, but seems like it will work. Maybe it will give others an idea.


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Nice work ! Hard to cut down on stuff you might need for sure. I have been guilty about that also. Not like when you go on vacation, bring 1/2 the stuff and double the money.