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I really like the looks of the Scrambler body. After driving my 2010 JK Rubicon I am not so thrilled to drive my Scrambler any more. Call it old age, or just tired of the bone jarring ride, uncomfortable seats, and lackluster performance after being spoiled by the JK.

However, I don't like the looks of the JK-8 conversion kit. I like the looks of the Brute except for the cab; it is very unappealing to me. And I don't like the cost of either ($50K). I am a fan of the old CJ look. I like Jscherb's Gaucho pickup but isn't it on the old CJ frame? I want a modern suspension, engine, and drive train like the 2012 JK Unlimited.

So I was thinking (have not done any research yet) about the possibilities of dropping the Scrambler body onto a modern chassis. Parking my JK Unlimited next to my Scrambler, they are very close in overall length and wheelbase. Could/would you put this combination of parts together to make a restro-Scrambler?


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Buy a new frame from TDK, with a coil suspension. Would drive like a TJ or JK. But the old school look and wind noise. They make it so all you do is drop your scrambler body on the new frame.

I had a 2007 Rubicon 4 door. With a long arm kit, 37" tires. Best thing I did was put a 6.1 HEMI in it. I had everything done to it. I was at $60,000, finished the way I wanted it. My wife thought I was crazy to wheel it. It totaly rocked.

I know what you mean after driving a JK, then jump into the scrambler.