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Rickard bumpers


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Anybody have any info or pictures of a Rickard CJ front bumper. I think a bumper I may use might be one. Google search results in nothing helpful. Old company that made some beefy bumpers back in the 80's maybe.


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uploadfromtaptalk1425000753669.jpeg uploadfromtaptalk1425002353766.jpeg
These are some pics of the bumper. It was sand blasted and then primed and hammerited which started peeling almost immediately after it was painted years ago.
I think I posted about this bumper years ago also with little results so I thought I would try again.
Bumper has 2 lockable storage boxes built in, a winch mount, tow hooks and a tow bar that attaches to it and secures up vertically out of the way when driving. It is a pretty cool setup IMO.
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They were made by Paul Rickard in Placentia, CA. I owned one and it was a fantastic bumper. I still have pictures of his original literature. Paul died of cancer many years ago.
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That's a pretty cool setup. I like the idea of extra storage . Send it off to the powder coater.