Rookie Mistake On Fuel Pump


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My jeep motor is hesitating a bit when I give it gas. I put a new fuel filter on and since I cannot remember the last time I put a new fuel pump on I replaced it also.
I did not take a photo of the pump before I removed it.
I am confident that it is intstalled the same way as the old one. I was wondering if anyone has the same fuel pump on an inline six that they might be able to give me a thumbs up or down - before I start the motor..
What is confusing me is the drawing on the Delphi instructions.
The arm on the Delphi that I just installed curves up, (you will see by the photo attached) in the Delphi diagram (attached) it says do no install it like that (Unless the diagram is upside down)
Any help before I drive it tomorrow would be really appreciated.