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Scrambler’s at work and play


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AD780122-081F-4D31-9957-CD73C24F98BD.jpeg 279444FD-8F67-4802-BD67-1A6B1EAFC43A.jpeg AD15EA01-11D4-4EB5-A60B-55ED53A24105.jpeg 1F0EE16A-F812-4BE9-9EF8-7DD2676FEADD.jpeg 2D5F0007-2CFC-4D2C-8034-337F439CA673.jpeg Wehad
We had a tree come down in some 80+ mph straight line winds last week. Scrambler family to the rescue! Look ar where this tree fell. It missed the deck, the stairway to dock an most importantly, our house. We couldn’t have dropped it any more accurate. Thanks to Brad, his nephew and Rob.
We were blessed to an Awesome sunset. Jeep life, it doesn’t get any better than this.


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Better not have hit those stairs! I worked hard on them!

That's crazy how perfectly it fell! More dune view now!


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B04AD89E-6F54-4C78-9DC6-BEC35C223C55.jpeg Yesterday was unbelievable! It’s Applefest/B-B-Q Cook-Off plus Mount Baldy Hill Climb weekend. With absolute beautiful sunny days and temps in the low 80s it made a perfect “Dune Weekend”. The Dunes were packed and they kept the park open late. It was an hour and a half past sunset when I left and quite a few were still going strong. Haven’t ever seen this many vehicles in the Dunes this late in the year. My “Happy Place”.


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So what lake are you looking out on to ? My great grandmother an grandfather had a cottage out there on L Michigan. Long gone now I think the lake took it back in a storm maybe in the 50s