Scrambler historical info (questions)

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A thread was just stared on about various Jeep model history. Among the info was this JeepTech link, which states the following:

The CJ-8/Scrambler was produced from 1981 until the 1985. It is hardly a "short" Jeep, but it shares many of the characteristics of the CJ-7s and late CJ-5s.

Drive Train
In 1981, the CJ-8 was offered stock with the GM 151 I4 engine and the 258 I6 and 304 V8 were optional. The last year for the 304 was 1981. The GM 151 was replaced with AMC 150 I4 in 1984.

The SR-4 and T-176 were used with the I4 and I6. The T-176 was used with the 304. After 1981, the T-4, T-176, and T-5 5 speed were used. The TF999 was used with the I6 and V8 and the TF904 was used with the I4.

Transfer Case
The Dana 300 was the transfer case used in the CJ-8.

Front Axle
The Dana 30 was always used in the CJ-8.

Rear Axle
The CJ-8 used the AMC 20 rear axle.

I mentioned on the thread about the '85 carryover into '86 sales ('86 model year). The one thing I had never heard of was a factory 304 V-8 in '81. Can anyone confirm this and/or does anyone know somebody who had this motor in their '81 Scrambler from the factory?

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Pretty sure the Scrambler never came stock with the 304. (I have some magazines from '80-81 that say the same thing)

It's one of those "Weird Jeep Things- No One Understands" sort of like the fact that the CJ5 never came with widetrack axles, even though they were the main reason for them...