Seat belts: When were lap belts replaced by shoulder belts during 1982?


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At some point during the 1982 production period, Jeep Scrambler specifications for seat belts changed from a single-point lap belt to a two-point shoulder belt. When did this occur within the production cycle?

My preliminary research seems to show that this change occurred some time around unit number 041500 in 1982, and is based upon photographs alongside the SSN or last six digits found within a VIN.

If others are interested in refining this time period, and you know the seat belt specifications of an unaltered 1982 model along with the VIN, please provide some part of the SSN to help narrow the production number of when the change may have occurred.

This may not be an exact indicator, since I did view a photograph of a Scrambler without a shoulder belt that indicated a much higher SSN than 041500, but also found a shoulder harness in a Scrambler with a SSN within 100 production units from one without, and that was near the 041500 count.

While you're assisting in this exercise, it would also be interesting to make a separate note to correlate the shoulder belt points in the roll bar with the factory prep for spare tire, as this change also occurred after the introduction of Scramblers in 1981 and possibly before the shoulder belt roll bar was introduced.

Thanks for your interest.

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Bought an 82 Scrambler recently with the original title that was issued on May 31st, 1982. Vin ends in 049363. Has lap belts, no holes for shoulder belts, but had the rollbar with the spare tire mount. Lets get this thread going.

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Their is another thread on here somewhere just like this
We added our serial #"s and tracked it down to a point

I can't find it,maybe someone else can

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