Show me your wench's, I mean winch's


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I just finished doing a refresh on my old Mile Marker 10,500 pound hydraulic winch last week and got it running on my Jeep. It has been sitting for well over 10 years in my shop taking up space. I resealed it, bought new connections and hoses, replaced the cable with Mile Markers synthetic rope and a new hawse fairlead. I still need to properly tighten the rope on the drum but I am excited to try it out after all this time. My first wife won this winch at the Easter Jeep safari back in 1997. Show me what you all have. 20180511_120634.jpg 20180511_120743.jpg


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Here's a hydraulic for you! Old school Ramsey 8000# pto winch I set up with's slow but will pull for as long as you have gas to keep the "go devil" running. The oil cooler in the grill is from a Corvette and is to cool the pump (modified GM Saginaw steering gear pump). Sorry it's not on an "8", but an early "2A" will have to do! It gets a fair amount of use around my acreage despite the cable spool job...I always respool afterwards.... image.jpg image.jpg
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