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Signal Peak Trail - CA


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My favorite forum category doesn't get much love lately so I thought I'd add one to the Trip Reports.

If you're in the northern Sierras and haven't been to Signal Peak it's an easy or challenging trail (your choice) with awesome views. We came up the easy way from the east and made our way to the top which is probably about 6 miles or so. Mostly a logging type trail this route has little difficulty in most 4x4's. Near the top is a tight section with a steep drop off into the abyss. Keep moving forward and your fine.


Once at the top you'll have great views of the entire Sacramento Valley and all the way to the Coastal Range. If you like a bit of local history the hut located in this picture was used in the early 1900's as a lookout for the rail line far below the mountain. IMG_6808.jpgIMG_2502.jpgIMG_2503.jpg

The trail on the west side of the mountain is much more challenging. This side takes a decent rig to traverse. Not super challenging but fun enough to make you sweat here and there. Few people here today considering it was a weekend but it was a good brief getaway.

Wish we had taken a few more pics but I encourage anyone out there to get on the this trail if you have a spare day!