So I know there's been a few that have been waiting for this (hot sauce)


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I finally got back into making some of my hot sauces:headbang: So that being said I'm gonna do like last time, but not the little 1.5oz bottles, gonna be 5oz this time. I'll have about 20 5oz bottles that I'm gonna offer up to y'all here, you just cover packaging and shipping, and I'll send ya a bottle of each that I have. I'm thinking it'll be about 2 wks before I'm ready to ship because I'm waiting for a new shipment of bottles, and I have to make the second sauce yet.

#1 Jalapeno Inferno; very basic but incredibility hot jalapeno sauce, all ingredients were grown organically(not USDA certified) in my home garden this year, they are carrots, celery, yellow onion, jalapeno, garlic, smoked super hot pepper powder, water and salt(not grown in my garden)
Jalapeno Inferno (606 x 1077).jpg

#2 Is gonna be a Carolina Reaper sauce, and I don't know what the exact ingredients are gonna be yet, but should be very similar to the jalapeno one, but on massive doses of steroids:evil::evil::evil::evil:

AS with last time, 1 bottle of each and first come first served, I am only doing this here this time, to make my life a bit simpler till I get back into doing it more often.
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Ok so I've got:

I got it all figured out last night, I will have 10 bottles of the reaper sauce and 20 of the Jalapeno Inferno, so the first 10 will get both unless requested otherwise.
Shipping will be USPS SFB @ 6.10 so to cover bottling and packaging costs, for 2 bottles it's gonna be $10 and 1 bottle $9, within the US. If anyone wants some that's international shipping just let me know and I'll find the least expensive method to get you some.


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Just got tracking confirmation my bottles will be here Thursday, so for those who have posted up already please PM me you shipping info if you haven't already and I will have them in the mail on Friday.