Soldier's Pass, Sedona AZ


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It was snowy around the house and the family wanted to get out, so we took off this past Saturday in the Scrambler and headed to Sedona. We planned to do the Broken Arrow trail, but had someone meeting up with us who wanted to do Soldier's Pass, so we decided to do that one first and then Broken Arrow later. After a long week and a tasty lunch in town, we ended up only doing Soldier's Pass.

The ratings I have seen on this trail describe it as difficult. The trail was short, somewhat difficult but nothing compared to Moss Wash. We spent most of our time outside of the Jeep wandering around and it didn't even take two hours that way. Made for a good morning drive down from Flagstaff, trail time, cool sights, lunch and trip back up the hill in the early afternoon.

The trail was pretty busy with tours by the Red Rock Jeep tour company.

On the way out of town stopped at a Gas station and checked out the FC I have been driving past for a little while now. Looks pretty decent. Took some pictures to use for reference on my project.