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spankrjs's Biloxi, MS '83 Scrambler


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TNT includes this piece to install a license plate, I guess:


You can slide this tube into the tire mounting tube. I am not doing this, it would look like crap, and I would not have a tag light.

So, the easiest solution to this problem, for me anyway.

Made a simple aluminum angle with four holes:


Drilled two holes in the OEM chrome bumper (chrome drilled easy enough at low speed/medium pressure, no problems):


Just barely clears the rubber snubber, but it clears:



And the finished product (need to put a plug in the hole at the end of the tube, center of the wheel):


All in all, I am happy with this carrier. I would have preferred an OEM carrier, but to find one that is:

1) complete
2) rust free
3) no damage

That's hard. This carrier was expensive, but it is super heavy duty. I do not have to worry about it failing in use. My 31" tire will not tax it at all.

This Scrambler has enough other "tasteful mods" (AC, Mopar MPI, 2" BDS YJ lift springs, Moser rear axle shafts, 31" tires, repainted the original color, reupholstered interior, Alpine knobby radio, aluminum bumper end caps..............................) I do not think this aftermarket tire carrier detracts from it. This Jeep is a driver, and I do wheel it from time to time, so I do not for one second mind adding some "beef" where needed.

Besides, I have my 1985 Spring Special CJ-7 to keep 100% original (mostly).

Anyway, happy with the tire carrier, PIA to install, but worth it in the end (get it, hahahahahaha).

That's it for now :wave: