SWFWDA Pay Pal Account

White Rock
Some time back I asked for help with SouthWest Four Wheel Drive Association's lawsuit against BLM. Many asked about a paypal account which we didn't have. Well we do now. For those who'd like to contribute to this effort to keep your public lands open to the public, donations can be made to the SWFWDA Land Action Fund account. Credit cards are welcome as I understand it.

For a quick reminder: all of the proceeds to the LAF are used to preserve access to public lands. Since it's inception we have financially supported United FWDA successful suit against the Forest Service over the road moratorium, we are in litigation against the BLM, the Wilderness Society and EarthJustice over illegal closures in New Mexico, and have issues in several other states that are about to erupt. Your generosity will be appreciated!

Thanks one and all!