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Tcase Shifter Pattern

My new to me CJ8 has an aftermarket knob on the transfer case shifter so I'm not sure of the pattern front to back for the different ranges and neutral, Can anyone post that for me?


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Now install a dual transfer case shifter and be prepared to be more confused. I had to buy shifter knobs with the identifiers on them just to keep everything straight.
I had to use a twin stick diagram until I realized the twin stick (for a D300) is dead simple with one easy memory trick. “Front” and “rear” levers match the number of letters as “right” and “left”

Left = 4 letters = rear so left=rear
Right = 5 letters = front so right=front

Then you just have to remember that forward = low. Usually you know if you’re in high or low, so it’s not hard to know which way to move for the other gear.

I can’t memorize for crap, so I always had to come up with junk like this :crazy: