Thanks a lot, Daystar....


Yuba City
I was pretty disappointed today, when I noticed a couple of inverted dents in my bed:

Daystar - 1.jpg

Daystar - 2.jpg

I looked underneath, and there are body mounts underneath those bumps. Evidently, the bolts that came with my Daystar 1" body bushing kit are too long!
I checked the next set forward, which are right under the bulkhead brace:

Daystar - 3.jpg

Sure enough... the bolts dented my floor on both sides!

The next set forward, near the forward seat bracket bolts, looked okay, but just barely. All the other mounts have free space above them.

I pulled the six offending bolts out, and stacked washers under the bolt heads, dropping the bolts about 3/8".

If this were a show Jeep, or a freshly painted resto-mod, I'd be furious! As it is, I'm a little bent that a reputable company sent me a kit with bolts that were easily 1/2" too long!

It's something to keep in mind, if you use this kit in the future.

Silver lining... shimming the bolts got rid of a metal on metal creaking noise I've been trying to track down...! :banghead:
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