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There has been some discussion on 6 bolt hubs. After I broke a factory 5 bolt, I replaced that hub with a 6 bolt locking hub.

I have 3 hubs to show some differences.
987C515D-DC87-4C8C-B06E-FC7AE51BEDBB.jpeg 17CDF597-9952-4565-8847-1D77C60F4534.jpeg

On the left is from a 76-80 CJ7 with disc brakes. Middle is a 70s CJ5 with drum fronts. Right is my 81CJ8. The only difference I’ve seen is the back of the hub is machined flat for disc brakes. Drum hubs will not work, that is unless you have them machined.

From the inside, the above 3 are identical. Some years may use different wheel bearings, but the diameters are the same. The outside of the 6 bolt units stand about 1/8” higher from the WMS than the 5 bolt. Imagine that difference is for the locking hub itself.