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Thoughts on GR8TOPS Half Hardtop slider window


CJ-8 Member
CJ-8.com Member
I'm putting together my Christmas wish list and was figuring I would get stuff for the Scrambler. Does anyone have experience with a rear slider window made by GR8TOPS? Is it worth the $175 plus install? My current rear window in the half hard top is in mint condition. I just think it would be nice to slide that window open whenever I have the top on. Any and all thoughts would be much appreciated.


CJ-8 Member
CJ-8.com Member
I have no experience with the window, but if I had a top like that the sliding window seems like a great improvement for getting fresh air coming through the cab


CJ-8.com Member
Yep! The Gr8Tops slider has enabled me to keep my hard cab on, even in the summer. With the windows down (or doors off), and the slider open, there's all kinds of airflow through the cab... and it's adjustable, via the slider.