Thread alerts & Help by bumping your "big" threads


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So one of the things I can see has happened with the move to the new forum software is that all the notifications anyone had set up for older threads went away. I have only caught some very cool threads' updates by using the "New Posts" list and I'm sure I've completely missed some others.

Bump "big" threads:
The first thing that you can do is to go back to any of your "big" threads and bump them with a reply/update. This will at least make them "new" for people to find again and watch or reply on.

Alerts, "Watch" and Alert Preferences
Getting email or on-site alerts about thread updates is one of the coolest parts of the forum, but without posting on them yourself (if you have the alert set up for threads where you reply) or using the "Watch" function, you won't know about new replies.

Your on-site alerts appear at the top right, and the "Watch" button when you're viewing a thread allows you to get alerts on a thread without having to actually post on it.

Clicking the "Alerts" tab shows your most recent alerts and gives you a link to your alert preferences:

You can change what gives you alerts. Mine is set to get them on any thread I start or any thread where I post a reply:

Eventually, this will kind of happen organically, but I figure it was worth a post to see if we can help it along.