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TJ/YJ Build instrument cluster question


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East Wilton
I have a soft spot for the Wrangler YJ and wound up falling into one. It was a tub and rotten frame roller. I recently came across an 03 Rubicon. Frame and body repairable but wasn't interested. Took the power plant and running gear and installed it on the TJ frame I had. Long story short. I want to use the 03 ecu but am finding that I know little about how to go about finding gauges that would fit in the YJ dash that would be compatable to the 03 ecu. Primarly the speedometer, tach, and info station. My other option I have explored would be to swap a bunch of stuff on the 03 block and dummy it down to 95 standards....all for the YJ dash...nuts I am. Thoughts and or suggestions would be helpful to get me on track.