Transfer Case Thoughts


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I am amazed I am even thinking this...but I have a few questions. I love the strength and bullet proof design of my Dana 300. But, I drive my Scrambler on the road 95% of the time...and the Dana 300 is not the most user friendly t-case for my application. I am debating swapping to something that (when it gets icy outside) I can just shift into 4wd and not worry about binding when I hit dry pavement. Basically, I drive in 4wd most of the winter (in my wife's Grand Cherokee and in my Grand Wagoneer). I hate having to remember to shift into and out of 4wd with the Dana 300 (and even worse get panicky when I hit a patch of ice while in 2wd)...

So, are there any easy bolt on part time t-cases that would swap right in place of the Dana 300 (preferably with no drive shaft modifications...and also preferably with no weird fluid requirements)...


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I used to drive in Colorado with the front hubs locked all of the time in the winter.

When I felt the need I just reached down and pushed the t-case into 4WD. When I was out of slick and/or wet surfaces pull it out. If there was a little bind just dive one side of the wheels into snow or loose gravel and then it would pull right out.

From what you are saying it seems that you are looking for a Full Time transfer case like a Quadra Track. That way you do not have to worry about bind. I seem to remember that there is also a late model one that is used in those upscale Grand Cherokee's but I do not remember model number.

The Dana 300 will tolerate a lot of bind and usually let you know by a whine when it is too dry out for 4wd. Just get in a little gravel, goose the throttle, and pull like hell on the shifter. It will pop right out. The more you shift the 300 the easier it will be to get in and out of 4wd.