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Transmission swap


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My question for someone with experience is - can I order a new clutch kit for an ‘83 CJ and just use that, or will I need a different pilot bushing? It seems that the 258 cranks should all be the same, but the SR4 has a 1 1/16” snout and the T-5 has a 1 1/8” snout. Does that sound correct?
I don't meet the requirement of having first hand experience.
However from my research the SR4 and T5 - used with the 258 - have the same physical dimensions, input shaft stick out length and 1-1/8" x 10 splines.
This would allow you to swap without any driveshaft changes.
Where did you find that the SR4 is 1-1/16" ?

The pilot bushing is not included in the kit you linked.
It should be the same bushing for the AMC 258, 304 and 360.

Sorry for no first hand experience, hopefully this info will help with the discussions.


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I found some other Jeep forums that suggested the difference, and I measured the O.D. of my shot pilot bearing after removing it at 1.055, so just under 1 1/16”.

I have already ordered a Timken pilot bearing PB79, which I believe to be correct.

Using a clutch search by vehicle, there were for some reasons a difference between my ‘81 SR4 CJ8 and an ‘83 CJ7 that will donate the T5 transmission. I’ll check the input shaft on the SR4 and re-check the pilot when I have time. No way to check the ovaled Pilot, as I had to grind it close to round to force a 5/8” wooden dowel to pop it loose after the grease pack.