Turn signal switch harness question, pics


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I have a 1983 scrambler with the AMC 258.

I have attached a few pictures to show my new turn signal switch wiring harness compared to the old one and the interior of the Female harness that will receive it.

My original problem was the right turn signal wouldn't blink. I was told to change the turn signal Switch.

After examining the old turn signal switch when I got it apart, I see that the actual switch is fine so I figure it must be something to do with the wiring harness .

As you can see in the pictures below my new wiring harness has 4 wires on the second section and the old female receiver has that many wires on the second section.

There are 2 issues that I see.
1) The old turn signal switch wiring harness only has 2 wires on a second section.
2) The old female receiver, While it does have 4 wires going into the secondary section, Looking inside it is messed up and missing parts of that secondary section.

2 questions:
1) should i indeed replace the old turn signal switch with this new one? (Even though they appear to be different. )
2) should I replace the old female receiver? If so, where do I get that part?



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From tread https://www.cj-8.com/threads/never-ending-scrambler-build.43650/page-3 #56. It's the new painless wiring harness. Colors can be different but shows same wire setup. Get wiring chart and check which wire color's the 2 wires from the turn signal for the right. Then check with volt gauge with turn signal on (I'd use a light probe to see flash). My chart shows solid light green and solid dark green. If the wire's coming from the turn signal (before plug) are flashing it's the rest of the wiring. If not it's the switch From the flasher on the fuse box, one wire goes to the switch (turn signal power, flashing). The switch directs it to either left or right. My chart shows the wire from the fuse box to turn signal plug is a red/white wire. You don't by chance have the rear lights LED'S. Not enough resistance, can cause a fast flash or other problems.