Weber Carb

I just had my Weber Carb installed and couldn't be happier with the performance. My only concerns are it seems the gas milage has gone way down - I used to get 15 MPG now it's more like 12 MPG. I remember a post where everyone one talked about their Weber and how they were getting great gas mileage, but I am unable to find the post.

If I remember correctly, some one said they were running a fuel pressure regulator. Where do you get it and how do you put it on? Also I believe someone suggested running a lower thermostat.

I am running a stock rebuilt 258/T5 with stock gearing.

Thanks in advance!

I have the Weber 38, and I'm getting an honest 20 MPG on the highway.
If you have the weber, I would recommend you also do either a "nutter bypass", GM HEI, or TFI ignition mod as well. this combination seems to work really well.
I went ahead and installed the 160 thermostat today. My temp gauge has been erratic since the webber install and the new thermo hasnt helped it. Guess I will start replacing more things.

Bob - do you have any part numbers for what you recommend? Or will the local auto parts place know what I am talking about?

Thanks for the reply.

weber carb

i have a weber 32/36 dgv carb and i get around 20 mpg on the highway, but i believe that to be caused by the 3.73 gears, 32 in tires, and t-5 tranny, this carb was also supposed to increase economy. As to the thermostat i still have the 195 (i believe) and i do have the fuel pressure regulator, but i have been told that it is not necessary or really needed at all, but i could be wrong...


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Hey Muger1 which weber do you have?
I have the 38 Outlaw and my mpg did go down.
I'm also using an HEI distributor and 190 thermastat.


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check that your settings are on-you may have to increase your idle jets as crazy as that sounds-you can email them at and they should be able to help you-JC:p