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Welcoming a new Glad into my Jeep family


Well, my son out in Seattle went and purchased a 2021 Rubicon Glad. We took one for a test drive when I visited him in March. Rides good, beefy. Has that tough feel compared to my JK sport. Better gas mileage too. He wanted the bed to stow his dive gear when he graduates and starts working as a commercial diver. But that thing is very long. Won’t be able to hit the tight trails where he usually off roads. I don’t think he’ll off road too much because he has to make his expensive monthly payments!

So now he would like to have the scram painted white, to match the color of his Glad. We’ll be pulling a trailer with his furniture cross country, taking 90 east eventually hitting 80. So if you see a white Glad pulling a u haul in the first week of July, it’s us.

Now we just need to sell his ‘05 TJ Rocky Mountain edition.