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What's up with Chestnut?


CJ-8 Member
The resource I have states in 1983 it's code 1h chestnut brown metallic..... then in 1984 it's Chestnut Brown Metallic 4e, and it looks like a different color.

Did the color change from year to year? anyone have pics of the different Browns?

1983.jpg 1984 1984.jpg


CJ-8 Member
Does anyone happen to recognize these two jeeps?

If so, do you happen to know the paint code? The Code for Chestnut Metallic Brown is different for the 83 and 84 years.

cj7 brown.jpg

cj8 brown.jpg
Those two are 85-86 Dark Brown Metallic 5e, it’s the color I went with. There’s pics of it in my thread or I can send you some, it’s beautiful.


CJ-8 Member
Thank you... Pics would be great, especially in the sun light. I love your rig.

I got a posting on another site that stated that the color of those two jeeps was a 1976 Dark Cocoa Metallic (4H).

maybe you can post them here so that others can use the visual in the future, or if that's not possible for it's easier.

Francisco.Norman at gmail.

Thanks in advance.
I really like that color, if you don't mind me asking who painted it for you? I'm in Orlando, and the guy that painted my last restoration (see below) hasn't been very responsive, and the guy I had lined up to do the scrambler has kind of flaked out on me.

It's hard to tell with the light, but the other two examples look a little lighter than the Dark Brown Metallic, do you think?

I had it painted by my father’s friend who has a shop. It’s called Interstate Customs in Sarasota FL, not the best work but not bad. I think he slacked a little because I’m a family friend. The Laredo decals throw the whole color off, but any decal makes a color look different.
do you have pics with your decals? or did you go bare? Also does anyone have a suggestion on a reasonable price for a good paint job?
The Jeep is bare right now, I just got white lettering for the Jeep logos and the hood, but haven’t got around to putting them on. Here’s the same color with a renegade package 696B9D0E-C775-4DA2-A127-CBD7547F8C04.jpeg 6CF49E83-981A-45E6-B480-DB8E1CE06471.jpeg 6CA13B30-D164-4C57-8875-4D1C784EBD74.jpeg
I don't know if it's reasonable, but my restoration guy thought it'd be in the $5000 range - this is a bare tub +/- stripping.
I think that's reasonable... I paid $3500 for the CJ7 and it left a lot to be desired... He lost a bunch of pieces and I can't get the guy to answer me to fix or repaint the pieces he lost.
in retrospect I should have bagged, documented and inventoried everything I gave him, as well as taken a pics... Item #1 tub, #2 hood hinges, #3 8 torx bolts for hinges ect.
I was previously told that the color of those two other jeeps is H4 Dark Cocoa Metallic. I ordered touch up rattle can paint with clear coat... and it does look like the same color..

The first pics are in clouds, then in direct sunlight.

IMG_0941.JPG IMG_0944.JPG IMG_0946.JPG IMG_0947.JPG IMG_0948.JPG