When is everyone arriving at SMOR?


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I will be there on Wednesday 5/20. Hopefully a bit after lunch. Might need to take two trips to get the camper and Jeep down though and that would make it evening before I am done.


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Nope, the kid is out of school and everything but we just have too much else going on for a trip that long at that time this year. Wanted to drag the "new" trailer down with the Postal and shoot for the furthest driven again, but it's not in the cards.

Had I known when I got married that this would be the timing for the National every year, I'd have put the wedding off a month or something :( I feel uber-guilty when I ask about making the trip myself knowing that it means I won't be with Kate for our anniversary.


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My boy has something going on Thurs that he can't miss; so we'll be trucking down thursday night. Will need someone to grab us a camping spot!!